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Fertility Awareness Method, Hormone Health & Womb Alchemy

She Who Knows Her Body Knows Herself

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Hello Dear One!


My availability in this field has recently shifted - here is what I want to share with you.


First, my own learning of Fertility Awareness initiated me into the work I do today.

How I relate to my body and cycle, how I experienced the birth of my children and how I continue to experience myself as a sexual, creative, cyclical human - every part of this is touched by the teachings and practice of Fertility Awareness. I will forever be grateful to the teachers who shared this knowledge with me. 

As ever, I am committed to passing on this essential knowledge!

In this spirit, I make myself available for an initial call with anyone who feels the desire to connect with me. I am generous with these teachings, happy to help shed light forward and confident in my referrals.

If you haven't downloaded the Moon Mandala Guide- start here!


At this time I am not offering private FAM trainings or menstrual coaching. But remember, you still have a one free session with me!


Also, I'm putting together a self-paced mini-class series - if you'd like to know when I release that just scroll down and sign up for it.

In the meantime, you can schedule with me by direct email at

with tender care,


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You got it love!

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