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sacred embodiment

sensual guide & somatic intimacy coach

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

- Mary Oliver


When was the last time you slowed down and really listened to your body?

Do you wish you could comfortably communicate with your partner what you truly want?

Would you like to feel more ease and confidence about your sensuality?

Are you ready to experience your erotic nature as sacred, whole and essential?

Do you know what you truly want? Do you feel safe enough to ask for it? 

Through embodiment practices and pleasure-oriented experiences, I offer support to anyone looking to reclaim their body and their divine right to pleasure, joy, and fulfillment.


I am here to honor your deepest intentions for yourself. To create a space where you feel safe enough to explore your desires,  where the most tender parts of you can be lovingly held and heard. 

We can do this together through working with the body. Soma is a Greek word that refers to the living body in its wholeness. Somatic-based work is a call to honor the wisdom of our animal bodies, the intelligence of our nervous systems and the wholeness of our souls.


Gain more pleasure, connection, health, and fulfillment by inviting your body back into your experience of the world! If you're not sure how to start, I'm here to help.

Photo taken at my friend’s farm where I stayed for some days at the peak of my depression_
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What does it mean to live as a fully embodied being? How do we connect with the erotic in a way that is meaningful, healing and enlivening?

Erotic energy is life force energy. It is our libido, passion, desire and creativity. It penetrates every aspect of our lives, from how we move and connect, to how we feel and express.

When we live in a culture that fosters intellectualization and productivity, it becomes easy to lose touch with pleasure and connection. 

We armour ourselves physically and emotionally to numb out the pain of past experiences. We clamp down on our pleasure capacity out of fear that we are undeserving or wrong in our desires. 

Sacred sexuality invites us to experience our bodies as part of the interconnected web of life where every molecule is alive with eros. It is an invitation to re-experience erotic energy through a lens of innocence. It is an opportunity to feel our inherent radiance from the inside out. 

I invite you to read, explore, and get a feel for what is available for you here.


About me

Welcome! I'm Laura. It is a joy and a calling to be your guide in this sanctuary, your compassionate companion on this pleasure journey, possibly even a catalyst to your erotic awakening.


I am a Sexuality and Somatic Intimacy Educator and Coach and Integrative Pelvic Health Facilitator. My practice is informed by consent communication, Tantra trainings, mindfulness and trauma informed -based therapies and erotic arts trainings. 

And, of course, I also arrive with my own history and experience - I grew up wrapped in the salty ocean breeze of Miami, seeped in the Cuban culture of my roots. I speak Spanish fluently.


I love the little things. The way morning light filters into a quiet room, the smell of cinnamon, when the breeze sweeps thru a canopy, the sun on my skin. I see beauty everywhere. I am a mother of daughters. Often leading but always learning.

I know myself well...and I look forward to knowing you!

I am sensual in order to be spiritual.

I look into everything without cutting into anything.

- Mary Oliver


This work is designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self. Whether you want to heal feelings of sexual shame, explore the intersection of sex and spirit, better express your desires or deepen erotic pleasure, I welcome you on this journey.


Our time together includes experiential learning opportunities and a relational environment that can welcome exploration, soulful longing, and the body’s erotic magic. 

You also get to bring awareness to the power dynamics that make it easier and more challenging to ask for and receive what you want. And in that awareness, learn to navigate it so that pleasure, fulfillment, and life become easier.



It means that we regard sexual energy as potentially offering a way to open the heart and become joyful, to heal personal and cultural wounds, to experience wholeness, and to know the divine in others and ourselves.

- Caffyn Jesse

My Training & Studies

Fertility Awareness  & Holistic Sexual Health Educator

The Well School of Body Literacy

Intimacy Educator & Sacred Intimate

EroSpirit Intimacy Institute, Caffyn Jesse

Like A Pro: Wheel of Consent Training 

Betty Martin & Roby Dalzen

Sensual Tantra Practitioner Training

Golden Goddess Tantra, Jannelle

Practitioner of Womb Wisdom Medicine

Sacred Woman School, Malieokalani Urrutia

Pelvic Health Professional Facilitator Training

Embodied Healing Arts, Sanya Hurem

Sacred Circle Facilitator Training & Medicine Woman Course

Mujer Ciclica, Sophia Style & Gemma Polo

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Training

Miss Jaiya

Somatic Tools, Breath & The Nervous System  Course

Kimberly Ann Johnson

Adult Sexuality Educator

Our Whole Lives Facilitator Training, UUA

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

- Rumi

Dahlia Flower

Some reasons you may want to work together

  • To build a sense of power, confidence and ease in your sensual and sexual expression.

  • Cultivating and enhancing pleasure in partner-based intimacy.

  • Learning the art of giving and receiving through deep connected presence, consent and heart-centered touch.

  • In need of alchemical space to grieve, release pain, gain insight and find joy.

  • Inability to orgasm or pain during sex

  • Explore intimacy education that gives you answers to all the questions you have been worrying about.

  • Releasing shame and stigma

  • Cultivating techniques for reducing sexual or intimate performance anxiety.

  • Fear of communicating about sex and pleasure

  • Re-patterning into expanded orgasm and non-goal oriented whole-body pleasure

  • You simply feel lit up, curious or excited by the idea of working with Laura and are not exactly sure why—this is a great reason!

  • There is something else not listed here that you feel Laura may be able to support you with—this is also a great reason.

I'm so glad you're reaching out! I will be in touch soon.

I usually respond within 48 hours. Please check your spam for my response to your inquiry, I use an encrypted email address which is sometimes filtered out by aggressive spam filters.

But first, a note on discretion, a word that invokes qualities I value deeply: discernment and privacy.

I'm currently based in Philadelphia —  and I've reserved booking details for those who choose to take the next step. After I receive your request form, I will respond with that link and we'll set up a call.

My email address is

If you prefer, you may email your information directly.

Looking forward to connecting with you!



Request Booking Details & Consultation Call

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